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Plug-In Your Agency

Your website, made interactive and integrated with Nexsure Core

  • Grow your business effortlessly

  • Distinguish your customer service

  • Build customer loyalty

Every time your website is visited.

Run your agency efficiently, plus –

  • Create website interactivity.

    Build website visitor stickiness, keep them engaged, and bias their time towards your agency, products, and services. Get your fair share and more.

  • Institute a responsive culture.

    Wow your customers or prospects with real-time responses to any of their requests, and hear their praise. Nexsure sends immediate notifications to your assigned representative(s) for action now.

  • Get the integration that's right.

    We work with your team, as a partner, delivering forms, gadgets, notifications, routing, and more to achieve the results you want.

Capture leads in real-time.

  • Instantly act upon leads coming in from your Nexsure enabled website and beat your competition to the punch. Gain an upper hand in the sales cycle and win more business.

Accommodate a variety of leads:

Personal Lines

Commercial Lines

Custom Lines of Business

Distinguish your customer service.

  • Address customer service requests as soon as they come in. Dispatch and respond to issues stat, follow-up with confidence, and impress your customers like never before.

Easily handle requests like:

Auto ID Cards



and more...

Give more to your clients.

  • Offer a Client Access Portal and you've offered something special. It's a private self-service and service request center that meets the unique timing and timing of your clients.

Provide Resources for:

Policy Inquiry

Document Access

Auto ID Cards


Client Resource Center

News & Announcements

Monitor your website activity.

  • Dashboards provide a real-time view of your website activity with detailed information allowing you to tarck progress, gauge your agencies responsiveness, and take action as needed.

Determine lead capture rate and close ratios in seconds.

Quickly see how your customer service team is responding to requests and make informed decsions to improve overall customer satisfaction.

Nexsure Web+ allows you to -

  • Extend your agency's reach

    Expand access to prospects and customers by enabling lead capture, service requests, and a client self-service portal on your website.

  • Act instantly on web requests

    Due to the direct integration with the Nexsure platform and its real-time notifications, you'll know immediately when a request has been made.

  • Run your agency with precision

    Leverage the strength and comprehensiveness of the Nexsure Core System, included in Web+, to deliver agency operational excellence and precision management.

  • Profit from great value

    Nexsure Web+ provides more for your dollar than other leading systems. We urge you to compare and see for yourself, why Nexsure Web+ is a great decision.

  • Route requests for appropriate action

    Assign agency representatives to receive web requests by demographics or type. Requests will be automatically routed, as flexibly configured by you.

  • Upgrade Easily

    When your agency is ready, it's a simple task to upgrade to Nexsure Productivity+ or Marketing+ offering even more value and benefits for your investment.

More Reasons Why You Should Choose Nexsure Web+

  • 1
  • Create a great first impression An interactive website not only presents a modern, up-to-date design, but reflects your agency's desire to grow and serve, helping you to secure and retain customers.
  • 2
  • Better ROI from your website You've invested in a key asset for your agency, now with Nexsure Web+, you can leverage that investment even further.
  • 3
  • It works after hours While your office hours are set, your website and Nexsure Core keeps churning 24 x7. This virtual extension of hours, and behind the scenes automation, is a benefit and convenience for your prospects, customers, and you.