Nexsure - Agency+

Nexsure Agency+

Automate Your Agency

Your Agency, in advanced cruise control mode, and integrated with Nexsure Web+

  • Achieve esteemed productivity

  • Provide inspiring service

  • Manage insightfully

All, as a normal course of business.

Run your agency effortlessly, plus -

  • Personalize your automation.

    Start communicating from thoughtful, branded, customizable templates. Establish and maintain high standards for repeatable workflows that your customers will relish.

  • Manage strategically and insightfully.

    Monitor, control, and make informed business decisions based on accurate, real-time and accrued information, to place your agency exactly where you want it.

  • Scale work without bounds.

    Keep adding automation to leverage your staff to any degree, and to eliminate road blocks that always seem to get in the way of starting or completing work.

Deliver incomparable service.

  • Apply automation to your service tasks, and you'll gain one of the best productivity returns possible. Deliver high quality, consistent, and reliable notifications and client actions that will elevate your agency's brand. Simultaneously, do away with intervening roadblocks like sick days, competing priorities, or the occasional office crisis.

Branded Templates

Thank You Letters

Client Notifications

Client Action Required

Auto ID's


Renewal Notifications

Automation Status Reports

Branded Templates

Thank You Letters

Client Action Required

Auto ID's


Renewal Notifications

Automation Status Reports

Embrace documents, fully.

  • Leverage the seamless environment between your scanning device, Nexsure, and its stored documents, and benefit from intelligent workflows and routings that reduce effort, speed work, and assures the reliable delivery and receipt of documents. Create work queues, process, manipulate, store, and distribute documents deftly, and automate tasks for additional leverage.

Document Management Suite includes

Universal Scanner Interface

User or Department Inboxes

PDF Conversion and Editing

Drag and Drop Action

Secure Document Storage

Quick Find and Retrieval

Get documents signed, fast.

  • Via a seamless process between Nexsure and DocuSign, document signatures can be completed virtually instantaneously. A fully secure digital electronic signature process begins and ends within Nexsure Agency+. Equipped with a DocuSign account, clients receive email notification of pending documents for signature, and simply click to sign. Documents are returned to Nexsure Agency+ and filed appropriately.

eSignatures allow:

Transactions with Digital Signature

Secure Business Process

Save Time and Money

Collaborate, communicate, and share.

  • Collaborate with your customers, via text, and voice communications and ramp-up your business.
  • Provide campaign export lists of your suspects, prospects, and clients, for use as needed with agencies and service provides to grow your business.

Run your business with facts, not fiction.

  • Nexsure Performance Assessments provides visibility, clarity, and metrics into your most important business processes, so you can take charge of critical decisions and effect powerful, positive changes to your agency's productivity. Accounts, personnel, and agency resources are evaluated from accumulated transactions and history, and clearly presented.

Performance Assessments include:

High Maintanence Accounts

Account Evaluation & Resolution

Agency Resource Utilization

Manage inbound and outbound phone calls

  • Initiate customer contact and speed customer response, with the integration between Nexsure Agency+ and XDimensional's preferred Voice over IP ("VoIP") Phone Service vendor. Know who's contacting you, and provide your customers with swift responses by having their information right at hand. Make your staff more productive by reducing steps. Take advantage of the integration that Agency+ offers by setting up an account and service with our preferred VoIP vendor.

VoIP Phone Servivce Integration allows:

On-Screen Notification of Incoming Calls

One-Click to Client Account for Incoming Calls

One-Click Launch of Outbound Calls

Automatic Call Logging (Incoming & Outgoing)

Nexsure Agency+ allows you to -

  • Outwork your competition

    Give you agency a competitive advantage by adding automation, and getting a lot more done, without adding to the payroll.

  • Manage by facts

    Manage at an entirely new level, beyond reports, beyond data mining, and get plugged into the critical facts that can make the key differences to your agency performance.

  • Provide for profitability

    When done right, automation provides higher margins, allowing you to apply the gain where you like.

  • Easily Upgrade

    Consider an upgrade to Marketing+, the summit of the Nexsure Editions, that adds digital marketing and advanced communications to the mix.

  • Run your agency effortlessly

    With the power of Nexsure Core and Web+ included, you have virtually all the knobs and levers needed to dial in smooth sailing for your agency's operations.

  • Set a new high standard for service

    Backed by the powerful combination of service automation, integrated document management and digital signatures, quality, speed, and satisfaction follow.

More Reasons Why You Should Choose Nexsure Agency+

  • 1
  • You want your agency to shine You can expect new levels of productivity, streamlined workflows, and ease of operation, which can't helped to be noticed by all of your constituents.
  • 2
  • You want to be known for stellar customer service By perpetuating and elevating the cadence of your customer service, you'll naturally be heads and shoulders above the rest.
  • 3
  • You like the reality of return on investment Our customers, can't contain themselves when it comes to Agency+. It's our most popular edition, and provides undeniable bottom line results.