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Nexsure Productivity+ Marketing Services    Accelerate growth

Market Your Agency

Your Agency, teamed with Nexsure, in full digital marketing mode, plus Nexsure Productivity+

  • Develop targeted campaigns

  • Generate qualified leads

  • Build your digital presence

Programs are fully implemented by Nexsure.

Run your agency comprehensively, plus –

  • Fast-track your marketing.

    Implement key tactics that can instantly boost your marketing results. Plan and institute programs that build awareness, interest, and consistently generate leads.

  • Team with the experts.

    Benefit from Nexsure's deep experience marketing directly and indirectly to the insurance marketplace for over 20 years. We'll help you attain the best possible results.

  • Manage your agency completely.

    This is our most comprehensive edition, offering virtually everything an independent insurance agency needs to decisively run and grow their business.

Get the right strategy.

  • Great marketing begins with a great plan. That's why we provide an assigned advisor to your account who is responsible for working with you on digital marketing plans, strategies, and roadmaps that will get you to your destination. As a team, we'll translate objectives and goals into programs, campaigns, and tactics. And, not only do we work with you upfront, but we'll review the results, and advise on updates, changes, optimizations, and new ideas.

Marketing strategy and planning includes

Assigned Advisor/Manager

Planning and Roadmap

Quarterly Marketing Reviews

Teamed Approach

Fill your sales pipeline

  • We can choose from hundreds of different campaigns, modify or build new ones, via Nexsure's sophisticated marketing automation engine to prospect, nurture, inform, engage, and help close sales. Productivity+ Marketing campaigns cover multiple channels – email, text, and voice, so you can address your audiences in the most effective manner. Campaigns can be scheduled, triggered upon events, or a combination of both. Plus, campaigns can be easily modified to accommodate on-the-fly changes.

Marketing automation includes
Email and Multi-Channel Campaigns
Event Triggered or Scheduled
Multi-Step and Conditional
New Business
Account Rounding

Custom Campaigns
Seasonal Greetings
Birthday Greetings
Refer a Friend
Event Notification

We handle the hard work.

  • Marketing Services are provided by us. Based on our planning, we work with you to create marching orders, and then we build-out campaigns, content, provide account setups, and more. Our marketing services include a set amount of time, with additional time available at contracted or hourly rates.

    Think of us as your advertising agency in a more narrowly defined capacity. You don't need to be a creative designer, a production expert, a copy writer, an email expert, a project manager, or a statistics geek. Instead, you can rely on us to get it done. We're well versed in it.

Marketing services cover:

Design and Implementation

Tuning and Adjustments

Content Development

Social Media Account Setup

Dedicated Block Time

Just Review & Approve

Run your business, fully informed.

  • Informed agency owners, managers, or employees, are in a much better position to make the best possible decision for their agency, and to achieve the goals they've set forth. We want that to be you! When agencies that run Nexsure do well, we take pride in that.

    Nexsure Marketing+ includes performance assessment tools and dashboards found in Productivity+. These tools circumvent the luxury of custom reports or data mining that typically are just not possible for a smaller agency. Instead, you'll get directly plugged into potent, insightful, actionable information, for critical decision making, to lead your agency towards its goals.

Perormance Assessments include:

High Maintanence Accounts

Account Evaluation & Resolution

Agency Resource Utilization

Nexsure Marketing+ allows you to -

  • Market without a department

    Just work with us, leveraging our expertise, and bypass the multitude of subject matter experts required from the creative world to the technical world.

  • Work smarter

    For all the things your agency needs to conduct business, you'll benefit from our onging R&D efforts that streamlines workflows and builds-in efficiencies.

  • Build your agency brand

    The more you market in a planned manner, the more you will advance and reinforce your agency brand. The result is more referrals, opportunities, and leads.

  • Run your agency completely

    Now you can dial in all the facets of your daily operations, and run as efficiently and effectively as possible. Get the most out of your resources and assets, while having fun.

  • Grow your business

    Consistent marketing is the proven way to grow your business. You don't always need a lot, you just need the right strategy and consistency.

  • Easily Upgrade

    For the special cases of system integration or additional sophistication, you're just a consultaion or module away.

More Reasons Why You Should Choose Nexsure Marketing+

  • 1
  • You have a big vision for you agency With the addition of digital marketing, you'll be able to support and launch initiatives that will help you reach that vision.
  • 2
  • You want to support your sales personnel Keep your sales team motivated, in the loop, and challenged, by providing the marketing campaigns and leads they need.
  • 3
  • Your customers like to see you in the game Once on-boarded, customers like to see marketing they know will keep your agency growing, and them in good company.