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Some would say that, for an insurance operation, Nexsure does it all. For others, harmonizing with existing enterprise platform solutions is the true litmus test of a powerful technology.

EAI is a Web-services Integration Utility That Opens Up the Power of Nexsure to Other Systems

‘Data-in’ to create insured client, policy or attachment records in Nexsure? Check. ‘Data-out’ of Nexsure to feed existing corporate finance platforms or service center aggregation portals? Check. So check it out for yourself to learn more about how EAI can make your integration goals a reality.

Agency Benefits

  • Tie together best of breed solutions for a comprehensive enterprise-wide solution that meets your needs.
  • Benefit enormously from real-time enterprise-wide data views, and maintain one version of the truth.
  • Eliminate the dreaded swivel seat and resulting error rates, or time consuming painful synchronizations.
  • Retain your independence to do what you want with your data, and when you want to.
  • Speed your integration projects along and keep them on time and under budget.
  • Live up to and beyond the strictest security standards and audits – internal or external.
  • Impress your IT department with a tool that is easy to use, technically masterful, and highly productive.

Deploy Real-Time Data Communications with all Your Systems

Nexsure EAI provides the complete package required for the integration of applications over different platforms and operating systems, via secure Web-services. You’ll receive an SDK, sample code, and in-depth training to kick-start your projects. Nexsure EAI’s granular security assures that your valuable assets, your data, will be protected.

Key Features

  • Exposes Nexsure object interfaces and classes.
  • As a web service, it provides for bi-directional data flow.
  • Enforces tight security control through authentications and strong passwords, class and interface control and IP filtering.
  • Integrate as many systems as you like by establishing integration accounts for each one.
  • Secure communication with Nexsure using industry standard encyption X.509 certificates.
  • Employs digital signing, public key encryption, and 128-bit encryption.
  • Additional mandatory and optional security control measures are detailed in the SDK ("software development kit").

Training, Tools, Support, and a Sample Project to Get You Started

Nexsure EAI comes with a comprehensive SDK that makes quick-work of the EAI tasks. The SDK includes a developer’s user manual, data dictionary, sample client code and a test harness for speeding development, testing, and debugging. These inclusions reduce the learning curve and help you get to your end result quicker.

To Get Your Team Productive Right Away, the Implentation Includes:

  • Training - we teach your technical team what they need to know to create new integrations with EAI.
  • X.509 Certificate - for encrypted system communications.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) - provides the tools you need to create custom integration projects.
  • Test Harness - used to test each of the Web-services.
  • Sample Project - an example of an integration project which can be used as a starting point for your first custom integration!

Customers Say

  When our organization began searching for a new agency management system we knew we needed all of the basic functionality for policy administration, accounting, and reporting, but also had a need for advanced integration with our internal and external facing applications. Nexsure was the only agency management solution that had the capabilities to perform the necessary integrations with our systems. The XDTI development organization collaborated effectively with our team to help us migrate 5 applications that served over 100,000 clients in less than 6 months. We could not recommend a better partner than XDTI or a better solution than Nexsure.

- Ameet Shahani, Director of Operations and Technology, CPH & Associates
  Typically, system integrations are challenging, expensive and unreliable. But, Nexsure’s Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) technology has made integration with Appulate very easy for our customers so that they upload submission data easily to their markets.

- Dimitri Nikouline, Co-Founder, Appulate, Inc.

EAI Makes Integrating with Other Systems Easy!

  • 1
  • Create an Enterprise Solution that Meets Your Needs EAI allows you to tie all your business applications together, or just those you need, to create a single enterprise-wide operating solution.
  • 2
  • Improve Organizational Decision Making With your business applications operating together, there are no more silos of information and organizational disconnects. With up-to-date and applicable information, you’ll make better decisions.
  • 3
  • Live One Version of the Truth With data shared between applications, you can put an end to wasteful debates and turf wars about who’s and what’s right. Now you can get your teams working together.
  • 4
  • Increase Organizational Productivity EAI eliminates the dreaded swivel seat, which frustrates employees, consumes their time, and introduces errors into the system.