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When you need deep analytics, data mining capabilities, or unrestricted reporting for business insights, strategy development, management decision making, or competitive advantage, turn to Nexsure Data Warehouse.

Make Informed Decisions and Strategic Moves

The Nexsure Data Warehouse makes it possible to ask and answer complex questions about your business operations, track long-term trends, understand business drivers, discover new opportunities, provide warnings, reveal relationships, and get to the bottom of challenging issues. Most importantly the Data Warehouse provides actionable information from your own data, or any other data sets you combine it with.

If reporting is a department within your organization, chances are, they’ll want Nexsure Data Warehouse, not only as a strategic tool, but one that offers incredible reporting power and flexibility. They’ll be assured of high performance, scalable, reliable and robust reporting combined with an unparalleled ease of use.

  • Restructured Data Schema
    The restructured data schema makes it easier for business users to understand, and the decision–support queries are easier to write. Query performance is dramatically improved, even for complex analytic queries.

  • Report Processing is Off-loaded
    Transactional systems are not burdened with the additional reporting workloads.

  • Reports Can Be Scheduled
    Need reports weekly, monthly... just schedule them to be processed and delivered.

To make the most of your Data Warehouse experience, XDimensional teamed with the Kimball Group, a renowned expert in the field, to create an optimum design, and construct the most efficient ETL (extraction, transformation and loading) process, utilizing Microsoft SSRS ("SQL Server Reporting Services"). The design is architected for additional data source attachment, and poised for the addition of OLAP ("On-Line Analytic Processing") cubes.

We Setup the Environment, and Train Your Team!

One time setup, configuration, and training is included. Reports may be developed and deployed by XDimensional’s Custom Reporting Team as a fee for service, or with the inclusion of Microsoft SSRS and Report Builder, you may construct and deploy your own reports. Report scheduling, distribution, Web-viewing and user rights are all centrally managed by you, and are simple to configure.

Customer Say's

  Nexsure Data Warehouse is a fast and effective way to allow users to extract data from the system as needed, without the need of support staff creating individual reports. Nexsure Data Warehouse makes publishing reports to specific individuals easy and consistent.

- Peter Schwartz, Director, IS, Van Beurden Insurance Services, Inc.
  For years we focused primarily on finding the most efficient way to get information in to our agency management system database. Quite often we found that not all of the information was available to be pulled in to reports or the reporting process was so difficult that we would revert to a manual reporting process. The report capabilities that we have today with Nexsure and Report Builder are great. We have access to most every field of data in Nexsure, numerous filter options and the reporting process is very easy. We have been using Nexsure for almost 10 years so we sometimes have to sift through hundreds of thousands of records to pull the specific information we need.

We are able to pull very large reports in a matter of seconds. As a result we have better information at hand to help us manage and grow our agency.

- Karen Bitzer, Director, CIO, Roach, Howard, Smith & Barton

Better Answers for your Agency’s Present, Future, and Past

  • 1
  • Make Informed Business Investments Evaluating past success factors, time and returns on prior investments, and looking at related factors, can guide your current investments. You’ll reduce your risk and improve your chances of success.
  • 2
  • Improve Your Business Competitiveness Understanding your operational efficiencies, return on sales, return on marketing, product success and adoption rates, are just some of the things that offer insights into future competitiveness.
  • 3
  • Formulate and Validate Business Strategy Asking questions such as, which markets and programs are performing, which are not, how do we match up in competitive situations, what are the key indicators? Simple questions lead to more questions, and answers will begin to paint the bigger picture.
  • 4
  • Guide Your Operational Strategies Base your operational strategies on facts, not wishful thinking or political agendas. Keep your teams informed and up-to-date with information and data vital to their success.