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Client Access Portal - 24/7 Online Self-Service

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Nexsure client access portal delivers the classic ‘win-win’. To the insured client, it is a significant service level enhancement. To you, it is an intense efficiency lift.

A Quick, Easy, and Professional Way For Your Clients To Self-Serve

A growing segment of your insured clients desire an ‘always-on and on-line’ way to interact with their important service providers. Nexsure Client Access Portal solves those business challenges.

Policy and coverage information, along with the attachments you choose, are always available to your customer. Need something from them? Just have them post it to their portal, and avoid email issues of file size restrictions, filters, security, and additional workflows.

Agency Benefits

  • Offer More Value to Your Clients
  • Provide Service Levels that Exceed Industry Standards.
  • User Interface is Intuitive and Easy to Use, No Training Required
  • Securely Share Information with Your Insured
  • Have Granular Control Over what the Insured Has Access to View and what Tasks They Can Perform
  • Tasks Initiated or Completed by the Insured Off-Loads Your Staff and Saves Time
  • Improve Overall Agency Productivity and Your Bottom Line

Client Benefits

  • Can Securely Access their Insurance Information Anytime, Anywhere
  • Have Access to Vital Documents, Forms, and Requests, During Your Off Hours
  • Efficiently Communicate their Business Needs with their Internal Representatives (Producer, Account Manager, Underwriter, etc.)

Empower Your Clients With 24/7 Online Access!

You have complete control over which users can access their portal accounts, the policies & documents they can view, and the specific features they can utilize.

Key Features

  • New Business Submissions - Receive submission requests for any line of business from your customer. All of the data will be available in Nexsure and ready to process. This functionality requires SubmissionSuite.

  • Policy Inquiry - Instant access to policy information like deductibles, coverage limits, etc... of course you control what policies the insured can view.

  • Document Access (MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, TIFF, etc.)
  • Proposals
  • Declaration Pages
  • Endorsements
  • Schedules (Auto, Property, Cert Holders, etc.)
  • Proof of Coverage - Client can view/print at their location.
  • Auto ID
  • Evidence of Insurance
  • Certificates
  • Announcements - Broadcast messages to your insureds. These messages can be specifically targeted to a particular demographic such as client type (e.g., personal or commercial), or other specific need (e.g., contractor, lawyer, etc.).

  • Resource Center - Share valuable resources with your customer base. For example for personal accounts you could have Kelly Blue Book or NADA. Commercial accounts could use A.M. Best, OSHA, etc... These resources can be targeted to a specific demographic.

We Provide the Expertise, Training and Initial Setup - Exactly what You Need to Get Started!

When you sign-up for Nexsure Client Access Portal, we work closely with you to make sure the "look and feel" is perfect for your agency. We also work with you to enable/disable features and create the appropriate security templates to meet your business needs.

To get started we ask a few questions:

  • Look & Feel - What color scheme and logo you want to use?
  • Do you want to integrate the Client Access Portal with you website? If so, it usually takes less than one hour!
  • Do you want to enable/disable any of the Client Access Portal features?
  • Do you want to grant different security rights to users? For example, "advanced client rights" vs. "basic client rights"
  • Do you want to provide additional content to your clients (insureds)?
  • Do you want to deliver content based on client demographics? For example, if you wanted to share a link to OSHA for all contractors.

How do you setup a client (insured):

  • Flag the quotes, policies and documents you want to share with the client.
  • Determine what security rights you want to grant the client user.
  • Open the insured contact record and assign them access, select their rights and an automated email will be sent to the client (insured).

Yes, it really is that simple!

Customer Say's

  Nexsure's client access is an excellent resource for our clients and staff.

Client access allows us to work collaboratively with over 75 of our largest clients. In addition to having automobile identification cards, certificates, and policies accessible anytime, clients have the ability to add documents and update information. This has allowed us to cut down on email and save time!

- Ginger Imes, DS&P Insurance Services, Inc
  The Nexsure Client Portal is a great way for us communicate with our clients on a 24/7 basis! Clients have access to Policies, Certificates, Auto ID Cards and Client Attachments stored in Nexsure anytime of the day or night. In addition, it allows us to communicate other important information to our clients such as our agency newsletters and industry specific articles that relate to that clients business.

The Client Portal is a very efficient and cost effective way for us to provide a higher level service to our clients!

- Randy Purvis, Chief Financial Officer/Partner, IBTX Risk Services
  In order to meet growing customer demands, Consolidated Agency Partners, Inc. (CAP) requires a 360-degree view of each customer, including access to all policy information across all lines of business, a detailed transaction history, anytime, anywhere there is a connection to the internet. It is also important that our customers have access to the same information, so that individual clients can choose how best to communicate and interact with CAP offices, not vice versa.

Online real-time services that customers request include, access to policy information, the ability to add a certificate holder, manage other verifications (i.e. Auto ID Cards, Evidence of Insurance etc.) and obtain claims information. These clients want to get this information with a phone, tablet or a browser on the PC 24/7. With CAP’s implementation of the Client Access Portal, we are able to meet this demand and reduce our service requests by enabling our clients.

- Craig Fuher, President, Consolidated Agency Partners
Take your agency to the next level, empower your clients with self-service...

Give your Client what they want, 24/7 Online Access

  • 1
  • 24/7 Online Secure Access Provide your clients with secure online access to their account information 24/7.
  • 2
  • Gain a Competitive Advantage Clients want and expect online access; use it as a selling point for new business.
  • 3
  • Improve Customer Loyalty and Retention Easier access to information, communications, and to-do’s means more satisfied customers and expanded business.
  • 4
  • Off-Load Work and Increase Agency Productivity Many clients prefer to bypass the phone to get to information they immediately need, like policy limits or to print a certificate of insurance. You’ll appreciate the ability to receive client information and their completed tasks through the portal. All in all, you’ll do less work, yet be appreciated more.
  • 5
  • New Business Submissions with SubmissionSuite Receive new business requests for any line of business, teed up and ready to market, as if you had input it yourself. This option requires SubmissionSuite.