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Nexsure Document Management Suite couples automation, scanning, virtual inboxes, work queues, and work-flow with the robust document management capabilities of the Nexsure Core System.

It’s secure, streamlined, productive, and easy to use.

Reduce Your Paper Load, Drive-Up Business Efficiency, and Become Greener

Document Management Suite provides for intelligent workflows that reduce effort, speed work, and provide reliable and repeatable processes. It delivers a seamless environment for document management between your scanning device and Nexsure, over the cloud. You can scan, create work queues, process, manipulate, store, and distribute documents with ease. You can also automate processes for additional leverage. All this, makes your agency far more productive and effective.

Key Benefits
  • Increase Agency Productivity
  • Streamline Operations
  • Establish Repeatable and Reliable Workflows
  • Automate High Volume Repetitive Tasks
  • Speed Document Workflows
  • Improve Response Time to Clients
  • Process and Store Documents Securely
  • Add to Business Continuity
  • Reduce Filing Errors and Lost Documents
  • Reduce Paperwork and Work Steps

If not now, the time will come soon to transition your agency away from the tiresome and slow physical document processes that are prone to errors, mistakes, lost documents, and misunderstood procedures. And, position your agency for the full transformation to e-documents in the coming years.

The Right Combination of Functionality and Ease of Use, at the Right Price

Setup scanner inboxes for individuals or create work queues for tasks like endorsements, certificates, bills, checks, etc. Control who has access to what, insuring the privacy of sensitive materials, and accountability for work. One click from documents launches smart editing tools for extraction, appending, annotation, or new document creation. You may for example, scan a carrier statement, convert it to PDF and add annotations and highlights, and save it to the carrier file.

Key Features
  • Scan-In Documents From Virtually Any Scanner
  • Create Inboxes for Employees or Groups of Employees
  • Setup Work Queues, Workflows, and Automated Processes
  • Assign Security to Inboxes to Guard Sensitive Documents
  • Save Documents According to Your Naming Conventions
  • Quickly Drag and Drop Documents to Insured Records
  • Immediately Search and Retrieve Documents
  • Create Basic Document Workflows and Routings
  • Assign Document Security Rights for Internal and External Access Control

For higher volume document work, setup automated processes that will speed through the tasks. For example, given a naming convention, documents may be automatically downloaded from a carrier’s file box, indexed, matched to a client, and then attached - all hands-off.

Step-Up Performance and Position Your Agency for the Future

  • 1
  • Drive-up Business Efficiency Electronic retrieval, storage, and processing of documents is fast, reliable, secure and takes far less work. Add in work queues, workflows, and automation, and watch your productivity skyrocket.
  • 2
  • Get a Leg-up on Your Competition As paper continues to move to electronic forms, you’ll have workflows and procedures in place, giving you an edge on the competition.
  • 3
  • Reduce Paper Load and Become Greener You’ll benefit not only your agency, but the environment too, and going green is good for the community you serve.
  • 4
  • Be More Responsive to Your Customers Without a doubt, you’ll be able to locate, process, and share documents with your customers and prospects more quickly.