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Professional Customer Service and Increased Agency Productivity

Phone work is a major component of any agency's time, and even small process efficiencies can add-up to major productivity increases, freed-up time for other work, and an improved the bottom line.

To improve such efficiencies, XDimensional Technologies has teamed with Vodex Communications® as its chosen preferred partner, integrating Nexsure with Vodex's Voice over IP ("VoIP") phone service.

Integration Features

  • On-Screen Notification of Incoming Calls
    It's important to know who's calling, giving you a few seconds lead to arrange your thoughts and greeting.

  • One-Click to Client Account for Incoming Calls
    When you click on the incoming call, your screen automatically pulls up the client account. From there you can easily retrieve any information you need, or type in your notes instantly.

  • One-Click Launch of Outbound Calls
    No more reaching for the phone to dial, just click the contact phone number and you’ll be buzzing along, so to speak.

  • Automatic Call Logging - Incoming and Outgoing
    For audits, E&O, or historical research, sometimes you’ll want to see a record of incoming and outgoing calls. It’s all there
    for review and action.

Integration Benefits

  • Increased Agency Productivity
    Increased Agency Productivity With more calls per hour and more work enjoyment; employee productivity adds-up quickly.

  • Swift Responses to Customers and Questions
    With the caller's account information right at your fingertips, there's no fumbling around, or "just a minute", only prompt, factual, answers.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
    When you deliver information and answers quickly, your agency is simply "on the ball," and you’ll be appreciated for that. For those in a rush, no time is wasted. For those that want to talk, you might just save some time.

  • Makes Work More Enjoyable
    One of the more important things in your agency is your employee's work satisfaction. Adding Nexsure Phone Integration makes it possible to "get into the zone" and become highly productive. It removes repetitive, mindless tasks, improves ergonomics, and helps to create a positive mindset.