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Van Beurden Insurance Services


One of largest and most successful independent agencies in the country, Van Beurden Insurance Services, Inc. has maintained a legacy of excellence since its inception in 1934. Some would think that they sell insurance, but they would say that they are in the business of providing solutions. Understanding each of their clients' unique needs, and designing solutions to address those needs, is the key to their high rate of success, growth and unprecedented customer satisfaction and retention.

The early adoption of technology that enhances client relationships and the solutions they provide is an important part of the Van Beurden Insurance Services story. The agency was one of the earliest pioneers in the use of the Teletype (precursor to the Fax machine), Xerox copy machines, and the very first data processing computers.


Van Beurden Insurance Services strives to be a professional business partner with their clients, beyond insurance. They work to advise and counsel their clients on all aspects of their business. Many small and mid-sized insurance operations simply do not have the time or ability provide this level of client engagement, but it is the establishment and cultivation of these deep relationships with their clients that allows Van Beurden Insurance Services to sustainably minimize and manage their clients' risks.

Q&A with Chris Van Beurden:

What distinguishes Van Beurden Insurance Services from its competition?

By being a business partner to our clients. Providing a quote or a policy is simple, any agent can do that.


How are the family values of Van Beurden Insurance Services instilled in, and enhanced by, its staff?

Experienced, long-term employees. Small town work environments. Family owned, not corporate owners from far away. Owners of the business who work and care about the business. Employees who build trusting business relationships and provide an ease of doing business.


What systems and processes enable the Van Beurden Insurance Services team to fulfill their commitments to client partners?

Operational standards across all offices, all salespeople and service staff. Many agencies have multiple agent-partners who work "their own way" using "their own procedures." VBI digs deep into its technology solutions, leveraging the maximum potential of the tools that we purchase and use. We keep informed with the changes that technology brings and we provide constant training to all staff on how to use the tech we provide them.

We are always looking for ways in which to save time and increase effectiveness. Any task which is repetitive or done manually by a human is fraught with the potential to do it wrong, and provides low job satisfaction to the human doing it. We have interested owners who want to make our employees as productive and effective as possible.

Key systems at Van Beurden Insurance Services include:

Beyond using all of the "standard" features of Nexsure, we are doing Direct Bill Data upload from Excel to Nexsure which enables VBI to process all Direct Bill statements on a detail level, including $11 million in Personal Lines business. Full Data reporting in Excel from Nexsure Download (Nexsure data export to Excel).



How has the agency management platform impacted or enhanced the Van Beurden philosophy?

Nexsure allows VBI to provide a high level of service to the small and mid-sized accounts that only large accounts were able to receive in the past. Through the 1970s and 1980s, VBI wrote large trucking, aviation and large accounts in General. Through the 1990s and beyond, tech has enabled us to work in a different space, but still providing business partner solutions to our clients. Nexsure automates many tasks, freeing up people to work at a higher level of service.


If you were to pick one feature or attribute of your agency management platform as your favorite, what would it be?

Cloud-based solution. No more servers or software to install and maintain. Global access to my data.


In the ever-evolving insurance landscape, what future trends does Van Beurden Insurance Services consider relevant to their continued success?

We plan to take better advantage of the Nexsure Client Access Portal. This secure, and real-time, portal is a better client communication mechanism than email alone. Like the rest of the system, the Nexsure client access portal is rapidly changing and improving.  We are looking forward to future enhancements such as structured client change requests and a client mobile App to complement the existing Nexsure Mobile App geared toward agency employees.


If you were to offer one bit of advice to an agency looking to attain the level of success that you have achieved at Van Beurden, what would it be?

Always ask yourself, should we be doing this process? If so, can we do it better and faster? Question everything. Embrace change. Read "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson.