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DRD Insurance Agency

DRD Insurance Agency Deploys Nexsure® ImpactSuite and Boosts Agency Productivity

DRD Insurance Agency is a family owned and operated independent insurance agency located in La Habra California, serving the Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego markets. DRD offers a wide array of Personal and Commercial insurance products and prides itself in developing a deep understanding of their clients’ needs, matching that with the best coverage possible at the most competitive premium, and delivering outstanding customer service.

The Situation

DRD is proud of their on-going commitment to delivering value to their customers and recognized that their agency management system was a key element in their ability to deliver on that commitment. In an effort to provide additional value to their customers and increase their agency productivity, DRD began a search for a new agency management system.

Their Solution

DRD evaluated several management systems but were surprised to learn that the other vendors had not significantly improved their products over the years yet were still demanding top dollar for their platforms. With the Nexsure Platform they found a truly innovative, full-featured agency management system that could swiftly and easily automate agency business processes and digital marketing tasks, at a very reasonable price.

DRD started improving productivity by targeting specific labor intensive business processes and automating them one at a time. As a result, on average, each employee now saves approximately 20 hours per month and uses that time toward one-on-one customer interactions, cultivating closer client relationships, and generating new revenue opportunities.

Success and Benefits

Jim Doyle, President of DRD Insurance Agency states, "Nexsure has given us the means to dramatically improve our agency’s productivity. We have reclaimed time, and applied it to become a more productive agency that is more connected with our customers."