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Exceptional Services, Support, and Training

The mission of our Services Organization is to provide the best possible Nexsure experience you can have. We’re here to ensure your smooth transition to the Nexsure Platform, to provide customization of your Nexsure experience, to deliver outsourced agency services, and to provide advanced product and technical services.

Our service specialists are trained and certified to exacting standards in their areas of expertise. You’ll find our teams passionate, competent, and ready to help. Service pricing may be based on menu selections, hourly rates, and fixed price contracts. New Nexsure customers receive an ‘out-of-the-gate’ level of implementation, training, and conversion services as part of their purchase.

We understand the challenges associated with moving to a new platform and are here to make the transition as smooth as possible. When you sign-up for Nexsure, it is our top priority to prepare your team, manage the data conversion, train your staff and schedule implementation meetings to keep the project on schedule.

Management System Conversions

Converting from another management system to Nexsure is easy. We maintain an inventory of conversions from most major management systems. These include client and contact information, policy headers, actions, and attachments, and in most cases can be upgraded to include detailed policy information. In situations where custom fields and data has been added to your system, or you’ve integrated with other applications, custom conversions can be developed.

Nexsure System Implementation

As a new Nexsure Platform customer, your experience begins with the assignment of a project coordinator who will guide you through the training and implementation processes for the efficient deployment of Nexsure, whether this is your first management system or a step upward. Your service choices include items such as data conversions, additional lines of business, eServices extensions, or your own agency branding of Nexsure. For advanced implementations, we offer business analysis, workflow development, user security and permissions configuration, and accounting setup. The bottom line is that we’ll deliver on your individual business requirements.

Nexsure System Training

To enhance your investment in Nexsure, we offer a comprehensive training program. Training is provided online and scheduled with our instructor and your appointed team of producers, customer service representatives, accountants, managers, and other personnel. Arrangements for on-site training may also be made. Training may be purchased at any time as a refresher or supplement, and for specialized needs. The training curriculum is offered in standard modules, or may be entirely customized as your situation requires.

Nexsure On-site Go-Live Resources

It’s comforting to know if you want or need a Nexsure Professional Services member on-site when it’s time to go-live, those arrangements can be made. Your Nexsure Services Professional can readily dispense with any setup or configuration changes, answer questions, help with training, and reinforce processes, all which go a long way towards a successful launch and long-term partnership.

When you’re at the helm of a smaller agency, your time must be focused on high value, critical items. And, as much as you would like to do it all personally or through your team, there is only so much time in a day. So, when work begins to accumulate, or you just don’t have the required skills in-house, that’s the time to call Nexsure’s Services Team.

Carrier Download Services

Nexsure Professional Services is available to perform routine daily download processing and exception processing - sorting out the items that conflict, or become out of sync. Your Nexsure professional services team is experienced, knows exactly what to do, and will resolve and process the exceptions quickly and cost effectively.

With Download processing off your plate, you can now focus on what you do best, and leverage your time for higher agency returns. Instead of interacting with your carriers on technicalities, you might elevate that interaction to commissions.

Reasons to Use Download Services:

  • You Want to Provide Higher Returns for Your Agency
  • You Want to Remain Focused in Your Area of Expertise
  • You Don’t Have Time to Do it Yourself
  • You Want To Keep Your Agency Staff Small
  • You’re Not Ready for Part-Time, or Full-Time Employees

Download Professional Services Include:

  • Daily Download Processing
  • Daily Download Exception Processing
  • Commission Statement Download Exception Processing
  • Carrier Reconciliation Processing
  • Database Synchronization Exception Processing
  • Duplicate Client Identification and Correction

Marketing Services

Nexsure’s Digital Marketing and Services Automation Teams are here to put ImpactSuite campaigns and service automation programs in place that are designed to meet your agency's needs. We help you strategize, define goals and objectives, and decide on programs and campaigns. Then we build, implement, track, and measure all results. We'll consult on progress and help you decide on adjustments and next steps.

For you, it's hands-on in the front-end, and hands-off in the back-end. Our services teams deliver the benefits of years of insurance industry experience, Nexsure platform and process expertise, and deep marketing and service know-how. The result is simply better outcomes.

Reasons to Use Marketing Services:

  • Acquire New Customers
  • Fill Your Sales Pipeline
  • Grow and Expand Sales
  • Build Closer Client Relationships
  • Improve Customer Loyalty and Retention
  • Significantly Drive Up Agency Productivity
  • Benefit from our Professionals' Experience

Marketing Professional Services Include:

  • Initial Interview Meeting to Establish Goals, Scope, and Strategies
  • Additional Consultation for Your Campaign Objectives
  • Additional Consultation for Your Automation Objectives
  • Development and Implementation of Campaigns and Programs
  • Periodic Meetings for Review, Update, and Adjustments

Document Template Development

Nexsure Professional Services is available to develop document templates to meet a wide range of your agency needs, such as proposal generation, summary of insurance, client letters of notification, and custom templates for special business situations. With years of experience creating and building templates and a large inventory of generic templates at hand, we can work with you to deliver effective, professional, and timely document templates. Using document templates will help your agency to win business, improve service levels, speed your responses, and add a huge productivity lift.

Every agency has its unique business practices that help set it apart from others and provide a competitive advantage. The Nexsure Platform was designed to be flexible through configuration, and to accommodate a wide range of business practices, processes and measures. There are times, however, when custom services are needed. For those special requirements, we’re here to help.

Custom Training

At one point or another, your agency is likely to need supplemental training due to employee on-boarding, expanded business operations, or the implementation of new agency workflows. In some cases a general training refresh is in order, and other agencies regularly train, knowing the investment they are making has high returns. Training may be just for their organizational trainer, or for departments, or the entire user base. Nexsure training can be highly customized and delivered online, or on-site, depending on your needs and budget. Our training expert will discuss your wants, needs, timelines, and requirements, and then suggest a plan of action.

Custom Reports

Getting the exact information you want, and displayed the way you want to see it, can help you effectively manage your business. While standard reports included in Nexsure are sufficient for many agencies, for advanced information needs, comparisons, or detailed exports, custom reports are a preferred solution. Working with a reports specialist, the process begins with report definition, followed by prototyping, testing, and concluding with client acceptance. Our team works with you to make sure your reporting needs are completely met. Reports may draw upon either our ad-hoc engine, or data warehouse module.

Lines of Business Development

Nexsure uniquely and powerfully allows for the creation of custom lines of business that are fully serviceable. For example, reports and certificates will reflect any changes or endorsements made to the form via servicing processes, and all data fields will be available for Microsoft Office integration tasks. This capability manifests from our own robust forms toolkit which allows our service team to rapidly develop and deploy ACORD and non-ACORD standard database tables, input screens and output forms. So, instead of wasting time hand writing applications or submitting on the carrier website, why not capture and retain the client application in Nexsure, submit it electronically, track it, and leverage the data for letters, emails, and all servicing tasks? For any custom line of business, an engagement with our services team will provide a powerful ROI.

Custom Requests

As your agency management platform business partner, we’re here to help. We understand there are situations unique to your agency for which a solution could greatly benefit you. We look forward to hearing your requests, understanding them, and discussing how they may be addressed. To begin the process, simply contact us.

When you have more advanced business needs, an enterprise operation, or just want to take advantage of the additional benefits provided by the advanced features, we are here to help!

Application Integration (EAI)

Leveraging Nexsure’s EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) Toolkit, you may easily integrate third party applications with Nexsure to build out your IT environment for the holistic solution you want. Integrations with Document management, HR systems, in-house accounting systems, etc., can all be achieved using this toolkit that exposes Nexsure object interfaces, provides a test harness, and allows for extensive security setup. We provide training and consulting services for the EAI toolkit, so that you can create the ideal IT solution you desire.

Data Warehouse

Nexsure’s Data Warehouse delivers deep analytics, data mining and unrestricted reporting capabilities. We provide data warehouse training and consulting to make absolutely sure you get the information you need when you need it.

Training & Test Environment

For your own in-house testing, custom deployments or training requirements, a Nexsure test environment may be purchased. Often a duplicate of your current production environment, we will provide services for configuration and setup of this environment.

Technical Support

Our Customer Support Professionals pride themselves on being some of the most knowledgeable, competent, friendly and responsive team members in the industry. Many of them have been with us from the beginning, and have developed a deep knowledge and guiding perspective that helps you and them work through and resolve the details of support issues. They stand ready to answer your questions and resolve any issues you may have.

Support Hours: 5:00 am to 5:00 pm, Pacific Time

We Stand Ready, to provide an exceptional Nexsure experience

To ensure your continued satisfaction with Nexsure, our Customer Support Professionals stand ready to provide product support and answer any questions you may have.